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creative raised garden bed designs

Raised Bed Garden Designs and What it Takes

Raised bed garden designs include not only about the frames as the growing place of your plant for whatever it is, but it’s also about the material choices, the placement of the frame and many more. Simply say that, when it is about a raised bed garden you might not think only about a cubical growing place which mostly made by wood. It is more than just that thing.


Things to Know about Raised Bed Garden Designs

Here are some big pictures you need to understand when you decide to make one or some raised bed garden designs. Even though you can pick anything for the frame, but to narrow down your option. There are three popular materials for raised bed garden like cedar wood, composite, and recycled plastic.


The next thing is about the width of the raised bed garden. Be sure that when picking any raised bed garden designs, the width will never bother you to pick anything you plant on there. Since, once you step onto your raised bed garden, you reduce the quality of the soil. Another thing is about the placement of your raised bed garden; make sure that all of the beds horizontally head to the south. This way can make your plant get enough sunlight to grow.



perennial herb garden design

Consideration for Perennial Garden Design

A Perennial garden design can ease you to envision how to display your perennial flowers. Since, having the garden is about planting particular flowers, you need to make sure that the final result of your garden will amaze you. Perennial garden is really popular right now, since it can brings its owner beautiful colors for the entire year. Want to have one?


About Perennial Garden Design

To make a perfect design of perennial garden is about the right proportion. As example, when you plan your perennial garden design, think about the building around the perennial garden. Think about taller perennial flower if you plant it around big building.


In order to make your perennial garden design displays a cohesive look. Make sure to match the design style with the style of your house/building. For instance, if the house/building has bold architectural statements. Don’t try to match it with something like informal design for your perennial garden. The next thing is about the flowers option, rather than use monochrome color for your perennial garden, it must be look more attractive if you use several different colors. Then, the last but not least, pick your perennial flowers based on its growing condition. If you design your garden on typical sunny place, pick such flowers that stand on it or vice versa



organic vegetable garden design

Vegetable Garden Design and Prosperous Soil

These are the tips for your vegetable garden design. Before thinking about the design of the garden you have to know how to take care of the plant first. There must be prosperous soil in your yard. It is obvious that a plant can grow well in the soil with rich nutrition. Have you learnt about his fact? Do you know anything about fertilizer? Well, the plant in the garden will not be long lasting if you do not know about the fertilizer.


Requirement of the Vegetable Garden Design

The vegetable garden design requires complex preparation. The earliest preparation is fertilizer, so your garden may provide healthy and fresh vegetables. There two kinds of fertilizer. Those are organic fertilizer and manufactured fertilizer. The best fertilizer for the plant is organic type. This type does not have chemical substance and it is safe for you and the environment.


By using organic fertilizer, you may acquire organic vegetables and it is good for your health. Moreover, this kind fertilizer can increase the fertility of your soil. In fact, it can deliver positive effect to the good microbes which support the growth of the plant. In this condition, the plant will be more immune to the fungus and bacteria. You have to think about this before you create the vegetable garden design.



simple rock garden designs

Rock Garden Designs to Bring Nature Near You

Rock garden designs, for the first place you might think that to make something like this can be so easy. Perhaps, your imagination toward the way to design rock garden is only by placing the rock and the flower just like that. In fact, it is not fully wrong. But still to have kind of beautiful rock garden that perfectly mimics the real one, there are some considerations you many take.

Rock Garden Design Consideration

Okay, do you want to have rock garden designs that look great and natural in your yard? Since, what you want to design is a rock garden, and then you need to think first about where you will get the rock for your rock garden. To figure out how you find the rock, there are two ways; availability and money. Availability means, you already have the rock you need inside your yard or your surroundings. Meanwhile, when it comes to money, the typical rock to choose is depending on how much budget you have.

Nevertheless, what is a garden without a flower? When picking rock garden designs you need also to consider toward kind of flowers you think looks perfect for your rock garden. Consider kind of low-growing plants like tiny rubies, royal blue and many more


small vegetable garden design pictures

Small Vegetable Garden Design, Simple Concept

The small vegetable garden design is compatible to a house with a small yard. If you really like to grow plants, you may try to grow vegetable in your own yard. Of course, you will be able to eat and cook the vegetables from your own garden. This small garden concept does not require a large space. In fact, you create a small garden whether you have a yard or not.


Small Vegetable Garden Design: Pot and DIY Box

Is it possible to make a small vegetable garden design? In order to build this small garden, you only need several pots, compost, and seed. Now, you can describe the main idea right? Indeed, the pot will be used to grow the plant. Instead of using manufactured fertilizer, the compost can provide enough nutrition for the plant. In fact, you might replace the pot with another container.


If you have unused, you may create a simple container by using it. By creating 2×1 meter container, it will be able to accommodate up to six tomato tree. For your small yard, the three boxes are enough to grow three kinds of plant. This vegetable plant can be a unique decoration for house too. By choosing plants with different color, it is just like a small rainbow in your house. This small vegetable garden design may light up the mood in your house.