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Small Vegetable Garden Design, Simple Concept

The small vegetable garden design is compatible to a house with a small yard. If you really like to grow plants, you may try to grow vegetable in your own yard. Of course, you will be able to eat and cook the vegetables from your own garden. This small garden concept does not require a large space. In fact, you create a small garden whether you have a yard or not.


Small Vegetable Garden Design: Pot and DIY Box

Is it possible to make a small vegetable garden design? In order to build this small garden, you only need several pots, compost, and seed. Now, you can describe the main idea right? Indeed, the pot will be used to grow the plant. Instead of using manufactured fertilizer, the compost can provide enough nutrition for the plant. In fact, you might replace the pot with another container.


If you have unused, you may create a simple container by using it. By creating 2×1 meter container, it will be able to accommodate up to six tomato tree. For your small yard, the three boxes are enough to grow three kinds of plant. This vegetable plant can be a unique decoration for house too. By choosing plants with different color, it is just like a small rainbow in your house. This small vegetable garden design may light up the mood in your house.


Gallery of Small Vegetable Garden Design, Simple Concept

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