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The Wooden and Metallic Patio Deck Designs

The rustic woodsy is one of the best patio deck designs. The rustic is rearranged based on the modern touch. The clients are consistently asking a cozy style. The woodsy looks as a landscaping. It is according to the expert analysis. Yet, it is integrating in the straight forward lines at home. By the natural setting, you can challenge the pose design. In the plan, the designer plans the deck story overlooking the circular and lawn patio. The surrounded landscape is evergreen for a countryside appearance. The deck straight forward lines are harmonized by the architecture. The decks are relaxed by the spherical patio.

The composite patio deck designs

You may need the information of the cost in the deck designs. The first is about the composite deck. The capped composite is the mid-range style of the patio deck designs.

The composite is easy cleaning and long-lasting. It just requires a little maintenance for good appealing. The composite cost is around $20 to $35 per linear, not including the installation costs. The price is still cheap enough. Second, the metal cable is the wonderful resolution to the properties. The slim metal cable runs in horizontally. The metal is durable for long lasting. You can take-up visual space. You will see the mountains, trees, or ocean views. All of the beauty comes together with the price. However, the composite patio deck designs system runs only on $60 per linear, before the labor installation.


Gallery of The Wooden and Metallic Patio Deck Designs

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